About us

We provide the expertise for your success! Whether OEM, construction company or infrastructure operator in the railway system, we will find the right learning programme together with you. From classic training courses to e-learning and lifelike simulations: We look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses.

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What makes us who we are

As a company with a global focus, our actions are based on clear values:

Environmental awareness and sustainability

We value responsible, sustainable and respectful treatment of people and resources.


We believe that working with people from different origins, cultures and ways of thinking helps us as a team to become better at what we do.

Passion and creativity

We enjoy what we do and work passionately for the best result. Challenges inspire our creativity. Everyone is able to realise their potential in their area of expertise.

Absolute integrity and honesty

We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation. Displaying the highest level of integrity is an essential building block of our identity.

Flat hierarchy and glocal approach

We strongly emphasise personal initiative and responsibility in combination with a pronounced team spirit. Our global thinking takes local characteristics into account.